Tuesday, December 20, 2005

last words

My new coat is long and black and puffy and has a hood rimmed with fur; in other words, it is supreme. Yet with which words do people choose to describe it?

1. My brother (at the airport): I thought you were an Inuit.
2. Liz (at crazy mocha): Your coat is ridiculous. (she then tried to make it sound like she meant "good-ridiculous".)

I am back in the land of my provenance, and this is good, as it is where my copy of The Beach Boys' Christmas Album is, but also bad, because a.) boxed wine is $2 more expensive here, and b.) due to parking and laundry, quarters are once again worth more than 25 cents.

At any rate. Since I'm back, and the point of this blog was to keep people abreast of what I was up to while I was away, I should stop, esp. since I'm going to be taking a zillion classes this semester and trying to find a job. So thanks for reading, and for commenting, and please keep in touch (cgillott@andrew.cmu.edu)

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

When the only action is speech action.

If you decide not to go home with someone, and that person argues with you about it, and you end up fighting, and then the next morning you get a text message that says "Sometimes you have to fight for the good things. XX" does the context warrant your having taken it as an apology rather than the unapologetic explanation you later find out that it was?

Friday, December 02, 2005

The Royal Doyle...

...has been deposed.