Sunday, October 09, 2005


It’s been and will be cold, rainy, and blustery all weekend, so we went to Salem instead. Salem is a nice town, once you get past the pudgy long-haired men striding purposefully around in purple tunics and silver jewelry and tall black boots. I learned about how pagan healers were turned into what we think of when we think of witches (some of the herbs they used turned their hands green, and since windows weren’t so good back then, it was easy to see how you might think someone was all green (plus maybe the food wasn’t super, but I kept that to myself), and they’d be out in their garden with a broom, and there was this old thing about your crops growing as high as you could jump, so they’d spring into the air, holding their broom), and bought some wine in a box, er, boxes, and went to the Peabody-Essex museum, but got there too late so we only saw the gift shops, which are the nicest I’ve ever seen, and then drove to Marblehead for dinner at this restaurant that jutted right out over the ocean.

But the best 2 things to come out of the trip were:
1. Coming up with all-time best Halloween costume: a sexy ghost (costume). This because we were talking about how irritating all the sexy witches and sexy cats are every year. So we’re going to get sheets, cut them really short, cut out 2 holes for eyes, and wear fishnets and heels. I like that we’re going as both a ghost and the ghost costume, if you see what I mean.

2. We did not do this, but as we walked past the courthouse, the following suggested itself:

(C and S enter the Salem District Court)

Court person: Can I help you?
S: (gives court person exasperated look and jerks thumb at C)
Court person: I don’t understand.
S: (pause) I think we’ve got a you-know-what.

In other news, George Saunders was stunning. It’s impossible to get how funny his stories really are until you hear him read them. I bought and read his latest, “The Brief and Terrible Reign of Phil,” and loved it, although other fans with whom I spoke at the reading thought it was a little weak. After the reading, he signed autographs, chatting with each person as he signed their book. When I walked out of the bookstore clutching my autographed book, I was almost shaking.

And question: if you have a crush on someone (and think/because) they remind you so much of you, do you think that more strongly supports narcissism or the belief that we were all coupled long ago and rent asunder and continually look to rejoin our other half?


Blogger dave said...

I'm jealous of you and George. No one comes to the Great Plains.

And I'm going with the rent asunder theory. You've seen "Hedwig"?

11:24 AM  
Blogger j. ondioline said...

I have, at City Theatre, but I don't remember much besides the costumes and SFX and things.

4:16 PM  

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