Wednesday, September 14, 2005


I'm Turning Into Someone I Should Hate:

1. I can no longer walk in heels, and have detected smarm in my voice when I say so.

2. I bought* a book called "Circle of Simplicity: The Return to the Good Life." But I bought it in Brookline. I guess you have to know Brookline to see the humor in that.

3. I am thinking about the Raw Food Diet. I don't know what got me started on this, but I know people who have done it, and I've read up on it and apparently it's insanely good for you - you become overrun with energy, your health vastly improves, and it's said to improve your mood, too. The downside is that no one ever wants to have dinner with you, but every cloud has its silver lining.

Signs There's Still Hope:

1. LOVED Brookline.

2. Am compiling list of foods soon to be recategorized "raw." Like wine. Or perhaps "raw" is surfer term meaning good.

3. Today I used work I did for my Discourse Analysis class on the rhetorical effects of the progressive and perfect tenses and the passive voice to compare our client's website with that of a competitor and literally didn't notice when the fire drill went off.

Signs I Might Be Turning Into Someone Other People Would Hate

1. Today in the kitchen I held forth, over a half-eaten pan of eggplant parmagiana,on the idea that the principle of not eating the last piece drawn to its logical conclusion means that no one can ever eat anything divided into pieces.

*At a used bookstore. You might think that mitigates the fact that it was bought in Brookline, but I bought it at the Brookline Booksmith which is almost painfully yuppie-pretending-to-be-smart-and-cultural-and-hip-and-with-it** so of course I wanted never to leave.

**there ought to be a way, when making a hyphenated phrase, to indicate that one of the elements in the phrase is itself a hyphenated phrase. I like the idea of the second part of the phrase being written in subscript, but that's because I think that in those two-part hyphenated phrases the accent is usually on the first syllable - maybe the unaccented syllable can be written in superscript if it's first, and subscript if it's second? Do I hear a Nobel Prize?


Blogger dave said...

What about:

There's a certain logic to it, and it makes language look like math, which is my favorite.

12:52 PM  
Blogger j. ondioline said...

This is interesting. If I understand you correctly you're looking at it morphologically while I was or am now looking at it syntactically. My first reaction was that "with" is a preposition, and so mapped to grammar the adjectival phrase is causal so it'd be like if A then A, which is true but insipid.

I'd write more about this but I'm having like some kind of joy attack, literally, I'm in an absolutely unassailable good mood and my body is vibrating, and I feel coked up.
Maybe this comes from just READING about the raw food diet.

1:31 PM  

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