Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Everyone must rush out and buy "Wake Up, Sir!" by Jonathan Ames - it's a PG Wodehouse homage - Bertie Wooster is Alan Blair, a 30-year-old sometimes-novelist from New Jersey who won a settlement of a quarter million dollars, and decided on a whim to hire a valet, and was tickled beyond all reason to find one actually called Jeeves.

The language is perfect Wodehouse, updated for the 90's, and the novel is both hilarious and poignant. Everyone I've talked to who has read it says "I am Alan Blair," but they're all wrong, because I am.

Quotes to further impel you:

"When women really stun you, you want to die. It's an inversion of the lustful violence one feels. The desire has become pain, which is its natural course, according to the Buddhists. Desire = Pain. I learned this on the back of a ginger tea box."

"Rather than say anything, I stood up and put my foot in the water, testing it. Testing the water, that is, not my foot. Though maybe it was my foot I was testing - whether it could tolerate the water's temperature. Oh, God, I don't know what's more difficult, life or the English language."

In other news, I've been listening non-stop to the Dandy Warhols' new album, which is called "Odditorium or Warlords of Mars." It is excellent in that sparkly twangy Dandy Warhols way. Also one of the top 10 sexiest things in the world, I've learned, is a long inhale without a corresponding exhale, or maybe it's just when the adverb-defyingly gorgeous Courtney Taylor-Taylor does it. Hey, they're playing Friday night in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Reckon I'll go to that.


Anonymous Sarah said...

I really liked that book, but was severely annoyed when he misused "enormity" in the first chapter.

9:31 AM  

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