Thursday, September 22, 2005

If It's Worth Doing, It's Worth Doing Like An Old Texan

Susan and I have a new form of exercise, Cardio Disliking. The thing that got me today was the name of the local bagel chain - Finagle a Bagel. I do not think you need to finagle a bagel, I'm sure you need only give them a dollar or whatever. It's not like you go in there like "If I give you this dollar, will you give me a pair of red shoelaces (sotto voce) andabagel?" Down with gratuitous rhyming. Anyway, today at lunch I was discussing this with co-workers, and this new part-time designer, about whom more later, said "Well, I think they mean more like when you get the bagel, it's like when you're putting toppings on it." Silence.

Unbounded gratitude and love for all the support re: my mental health. Saw a psychiatrist yesterday (whose office was in a brownstone on a tree-lined street! I felt that I should discuss the fear of death and take off my glasses and rub my eyes a lot.) and he is not too concerned for my sanity. Apparently people sometimes just have hypomanic episodes, sometimes can be caused by anti-depressants, etc. He's advised me to cut back on caffeine and alcohol and let him know if I experience any distinct changes in mood. So, good.

I was going to complain about this designer, with whom I was brainstorming about a how-to poster today, but the problem was mostly with me, in that I am too conceptual and probably too meta and have to remember that I'm not working for some crazy cutting-edge ad agency but for a branding company rooted in business, but the problem was also with her, in that she had no idea what I was even talking about. At any time. She makes my most literal-minded friend - and you know who you are - look like Rimbaud. She kept saying, "but I don't understand - how is that a concept?"


Enough complaining. Here are some pictures of produce.

Hmph. Blogger won't let me upload my second picture.

Here, then, is how you would count to 10 in French like an Old Texan.

Here's to you, conceptual things, heirloom tomatoes and Texans of any age. Thanks, as always, for reading.


Blogger g odoreida said...

Of course I know who I am. Did you have any reason to think I might be suffering amnesia?

So the vagaries of the blogosphere seem to have obliterated my greatest poem ever, left in the comments of some other blog (to the tune of "Love and Marriage"):

Lox and bagels, lox and bagels
Go together like Marx and Hegel
For a brunch that's not hectic
A philosophy that's dialectic

Lox and bagels, lox and bagels,
They're the factor that you can't finagle
Just increase them a quantum
And everybody's gonna want 'em

(finagle factor)

4:36 PM  

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