Sunday, August 14, 2005


This morning, my heart leapt into my throat.

I've read that phrase, "her heart leapt into her throat," and I knew what they were getting at, but not having experienced it, it always sounded a little bit purple. But now I think it's not, that that's exactly what it feels like, and then I think maybe it doesn't feel that way but because I've been primed with that phrase, that's how I'm experiencing it. But that's kind of a looking-a-gift-horse-in-the-mouth reaction, isn't it? It's amazing and great when you so unmistakenly feel so clearly in your body what you feel in your mind.

And what causes the heart to leap into the throat? Physiologically, that is. It must be something about that feeling that caused or at least contributed to the idea that the heart is the organ in which love resides. Someone should weigh in on this.


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