Friday, August 19, 2005


1. I just found out that the woman whose apartment I agreed to sublet this fall wants - or says her landlady wants - me to sign a lease through July 31 2006.
Clearly this is ridiculous. Debra wanted her landlady to know that someone was moving in, and wanted it to look to the landlady as though we were going to be roommates, which is fine but I am not signing something that makes me liable for 7 months of rent in a city in which I will not be living. I've left 2 messages for Debra about this - she's in NYC looking for a place to live, and I haven't heard back from her.

2. I just found out that Holly, the woman from whom I'm currently subletting, wants to move her stuff out on August 27, when I will be in Pittsburgh. That's a Saturday, and she says she has to do it that day because she's teaching on Aug 31, and she will have the truck on Saturday. This means that I would be living in a house completely devoid of any furniture, glasses, etc. Sleeping on the hardwood floor. I've paid for the whole month. I have nowhere to go. She doesn't want to have to get someone to teach her class that day, and says that if she doesn't have her furniture that last week of August, she'll have to stay at her girlfriend's.

What can I do? I'm not going to get some sherrif to stand in the doorway and block her from coming in. Initially when I thought I was living in Debra's place, I thought I could move in the day before I left for Pittsburgh, Wed. the 24th, and make Holly refund me a week of rent. (Did I mention that I tried to get her to scale rent for the month of June, because I wasn't going to be here for all of it. She said she'd rather not, because she's already pricing the room at less than what she's paying for it - $600 vs. $630, and she's a poor grad student. I told her that I know what that's like and that I'd not only pay for all of June but give her the full $630 each month. Point being that I've been good to her.)

So this is excellent. I have a week and a half to find a place to live, for half of which time I will be in Pittsburgh. I am potentially being forced out of my apartment a week early. I don't know whether I'm going to be driving or flying back here. Somehow I have to be back at work on Sept. 1.

I know this stuff all works out in the end, but I try really, really hard not to let this kind of thing happen to me, because I can't handle it.


Anonymous Ashley said...

You sure have been dealing with a bunch of bullshit lately.

4:23 PM  

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