Monday, August 15, 2005


has consumed my life. Not entirely - in the past week and a half, I've hosted, sequentially, my parents, Mark, and Rachel, and great times were had by all, I think.

But I need to find somewhere to live, soon. So far my options are:

1. A nice room (lovely queen low platform bed with lamp, desk, hardwood floors, high speed internet) in a condo owned and inhabited by a charming and beautiful Spanish/German conservator, who works with "everything but paintings and sculptures" and is always going off to digs and conferences in the Middle East. I love her and she has a calming affect on me, but her condo is small and Architectural Digestally pristine and gorgeous and she has "inside shoes" and offers her guests slippers when they come in. The room - room! - is $1200/month, includes everything. It's on the Somerville/Cambridge line, a very short walk from Inman Square, the secret square of my soul, and a 20-minute walk from the T.

2. An enormous one-bedroom apartment in Somerville, a 12-minute walk from the T. It's just huge. Spare bedroom. Big kitchen. Front and back porches. Owned by a completely wonderful and sweet arts foundation worker who's trying to start her . own consultancy in NYC. $1200 plus gas, which will not be cheap, and we'd split cable.

3. A small but very nice apartment off of Salem St. in the North End, not on the (preferred) red line, which goes to work and Cambridge and Somerville, but Salem St. is probably the secret street of my soul - a little bit windy and heavily populated with Italian restaurants, cafes, bars, groceries, frutterias, marcellaios, etc. It's indescribably picturesque, walking down this street in what is Boston's Little Italy and seeing the City of Boston looming before you. It's the safest area in Boston because, as someone told me, "if you're a young woman with dark hair, no one knows whose daughter you might be." I love, love, love it, but it's not a big apartment and I could definitely not have a car and it's really quite removed from the stuff that I like to do, which tends to be centered around Cambridge and the river.

3. A collegey sort of apartment near Harvard Square that would be shared with a polite 25-year-old architect from Kentucky. What would be my room is lovely, with turquoise walls and a queen sized bed, and there's a balcony off of my bedroom that's accessible by climbing out the window. Short walk to Harvard Square, 20-25 minute walk to Inman. could use visitor's permit for car, which is sketchy but, they say, unlikely to be busted. It's in a big concrete apartment building which feels thrillingly JG Ballard to me. It's $825, which means I'd theoretically be able to save a zillion dollars.

So tomorrow night I'm going to see one in Central Square, which is a 10-15 minute walk from Inman, and Central Square is excellent, very cityish, compared to the rest of Cambridge; it's where there is kickboxing and African dance and Whole Foods and Indian takeout and litter and canvassers and, of course, the Kayhn-Tayub.

Shannon says that this is like how it is when you have a boyfriend and all of a sudden lots of boys want to go out with you. I've found a place where I could cheerily if expensively and somewhat hermitally live, and now all these apartments want to date me. Sheesh.


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