Sunday, July 31, 2005

Ogunquit, ME

Ogunquit has a book/puzzle store that specializes in math, a white drawbridge in front of which boats line up patiently, and a lot of French-Canadians.

Unfortunately, I couldn't get all of these elements in one shot. But there was a girl sitting on a rock who looked so creepily like me that Shannon took her picture.

The other thing Ogunquit has is the Meridian Walk, which is very much like the Amalfi Coast except you're walking instead of driving, you're much lower down than you are on the AC, and no one wants to sell you lemon-themed ceramics.

Shannon stopped to learn about local birds, or, as she calls them, "birds you won't see."

Here are some more fishers. Fishermen? Anglers, I think.

After an hour, we came to a beach on what I believe was a spit. The sand was preternaturally soft, like velvet.

Sometimes we'd stop and have a drink and play Quiddler. Shannon kept winning on all these judgmental or admonishing hands. Here's the first.

These bushes looked like they were conferring. We hoped they were conifers, but had no way of knowing.

On the way back to the cove, I found some grass to lay in.

We stopped for dinner on the way back to Sville, and I had my first lobster roll, which taste like bread, mayonnaise, and air.

It was a spectacular day.


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