Friday, July 22, 2005


I know it's irritating to mention lexical semantics in crossword puzzles. But if the clue is "lager," the answer CANNOT be "ale." That's like if the clue were "ham," and the answer was "beef." Stupid Metro crossword puzzle.

Date last night was all right. He is indeed handsome and smart and funny and worldly and attractively-accented and the rest of it, but I just wasn't feeling it*, as they say. The building on campus where we had drinks, though, wow. Like what Gaudi would design, drunk.

*could have something to do with the following:

C: (blah blah blah) Sir John Betjamen...
A: (quickly, almost happily) No, it's BETjamen.
C: (pause) (coldly) Yes.


Anonymous Sarah said...

That is my very favorite building. Ok, that's actually not true. It's my very favorite building in the US.

4:13 PM  
Blogger j. ondioline said...

S - what's your favorite building outside the US?

10:44 PM  
Blogger j. ondioline said...

I think I'm supposed to clarify: I'd pronounced Betjamen properly; he had assumed I'd said "Benjamin," and rushed to correct me. This is like the vending machine at work that, when I put in my three quarters for a drink that costs 75 cents, sternly flashes a red "Please use correct change" message at me before dispensing my drink. It is ridiculous to be so irritated by a faulty machine.

9:15 PM  
Blogger dave said...

Something similar happened to me once while working as PR flak for a PGH arts organization. I was ushering "SEEN" queen M. Uricchio through our annual fundraiser, getting her the society shots she so desparately needed, and we were waiting for newswoman Sally Wiggin to show up. I said, "Saly Wiggin should be here any minute now."

"Wiggin," Uricchio said. "It's Sally Wiggin. And she's very particular about people saying her name right."

[She heard "Wiggin should" and carried the S over.]

"Right," I said. But in my head I said, "Bitch. You think I haven't typed out her name eight hundred times in the past two months?"

But it's one's job in that situation to be the person who is wrong, even when you know you're so, so right.

9:07 AM  

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