Thursday, July 07, 2005

Haaaaahh, Marie

1. They are filming "The Departed" right outside our window at work. This means we spent most of today gawking at Leo DiCaprio and getting scolded by the production people for leaning out of the window (our building is in "the shot"). Martin Sheen came walking towards us, and Marie, our concierge, who is tough and great and has more than her share of Boston accent sticks her head out the window and yells "Maahtin. Y'lookin' good, honey." He looks up, we're all grinning and waving like dummies. "Thanks. You're looking pretty good yourself," he says. Marie is our hero.

2. I have this thing where I pick up other peoples' speech patterns. I kind of like it and find it comforting and am kind of annoyed by it. To date, here:

1. "That is excellent," "...which is/was excellent," "Awesome (said as a simple statement, not like as in "duuuude", or maybe as a question, like one that incorporates the tag question into the word itself). From Shannon, 26, Massachusetts.

2. "Oh man," said with varying degrees of emphaticness. Most emphatic is "o-oh (descending) ma-aann" (starting higher than the first o and ending even higher). I picked that up from Shannon's imitation of Mike, 26, west Texas. We have both picked up "that right there" and "little bit o'okay" and she points out that their friend Daniel, also from Texas, when he meets a girl, lays on the drawl. Instead of "hi," it's "haaaaahhh." Thank God I haven't caught that yet.

3. instead of laughing - oh, this is awful - instead of laughing, my co-worker Kord, 31, Nebraska, does this sort of quiet hissing? Is that the word? Quiet toneless breathy intake thing in like the back of his throat. I can't explain it. I can't even really do it on command, but I've caught myself doing it instead of laughing. I can't tell you how mortifying this is. Do I have no soul?

And the last thing is that there is nothing greater than a second story porch the door to which you leave open all the time, and having breakfast on it, and reading on it on weekends, and having after-work or late-night drinks on it with friends. We are hosting a cookout on Monday. Shannon and I are going to work the antiquated charcoal grill. neither one of us has any more than the general idea of what needs to be done - coals need to be on fire, or really hot, that kind of thing. But we are intrepid, and if we completely botch the operation, we will order burgers from Redbones and pretend that we've grilled them.


Anonymous Ashley said...

1. Stack coals in pyramid-like shape.

2. Light coals.

3. Wait for coals to turn grey. This may take a couple of lightings.

4. Spread coals out.

5. Place grilling rack over coals.

6. Cook shit.

1:09 PM  
Blogger j. ondioline said...

What about the mesquite chips? What about the steel chimney? Where's the romance and mystery? I've got the patter down - "blah blah blah, if I were doing this for real I'd have gotten up at 6 AM to (um, stoke the, ah, coals or something) blah blah blah. Hand me that knifelike object that's on fire, willya? Somebody git me a beer. Shee-yit."

12:33 PM  
Anonymous Ashley said...

mesquite chips? steel chimney? please. that's way too high tech for me. i'm talking skanky charcoal bbq, people.

12:19 PM  
Anonymous Sarah said...

Oh dear. I remember the hissing. Please don't start doing that because it freaks me out.

8:16 AM  

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