Monday, May 16, 2005

there is a problem...

...and it is that Eric Kraft

1. is not our novelist laureate
2. is not carried on the shoulders of men throughout the streets of the town as citizens throw confetti at him (is that right? do citizens throw confetti at heroes? I might have made that up.)
3. seems to have failed to garner the rabid popular acclaim that is his due.

and that you

1. are, presumably, reading this and not his novels right now.

But as long as you are, know that:

NPR said that "There aren't enough adjectives to praise this delightfully generous storyteller," the New York Times Book Review said that "Peter Leroy's ( Kraft's narrator-ed.) world shines through just like childhood itself: both tiny and enormous, full of mystery and wonder, but with terror lurking all around the edges," and that the Chicago Tribune wrote: "Whimsy...mystery, tragedy, jealousy, love, wisdom, irony,'ll read quickly and happily, eager to finish one story and get on to the next."

I will add that they're comedies and sexy as hell in the most pure, noble way imaginable.


Blogger dave said...

Re: confetti. Ticker-tape, actually, though this is just a grandstanding form of confetti.

12:55 PM  

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