Friday, May 27, 2005


(Hmph. For someone who has vowed not to celebrate her 30th birthday, but instead commemorate 11,000 Days a couple months later, my recent posts have evinced a certain trend. Okay. Penultimate one.)

So here's the deal. My birthday is Monday, and I'm thinking of throwing myself a little surprise birthday party on Tuesday evening (because everyone probably already has plans for Memorial Day, plus if it's Tuesday, I'm less likely to suspect something.)

In order to figure out what/where this should be, I need to know how many people think they'd be able to make it. If you know about this blog, you're invited. Please RSVP (although shouldn't that actually be "please R?" Oh, good - I've just ensured that no one will come to my party.) Guests welcomed. Let me know via comment, email, or phone, and I'm sorry if you got an email about this too; it's late on Friday on a 3-day weekend, and I'm trying to cover all communicative bases.


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